The little things…

Whilst riding life’s not-so-little roller coaster, there are occasionally patches where everything seems to fly past at such speed, we find our selves hurtling towards things we don’t want to approach… it gets scary so we close eyes. Unfortunately you cannot always just avoid the events you dread by keeping your head down, and trying only means that you will become oblivious to the little things.

The little things are simply insignificant ingredients that are sprinkled into each day to make us smile like six year olds and although they tend to pop up out of the blue, you still have to notice them! Recently, I have started to appreciate them, and honestly, it is the little things that add up to make a perfect smile. On a piece of paper, I have kept record of the little things that will always cheer me up without fail- so I thought I would share some!

1. My Sister’s road rage
2. Telepathic moments with friends that usually consist of synchronised outbursts in song
3. Dancing candle flames of blue, yellow, orange
4. Finding happy notes that people have slipped into my books for me to find when I get home that night
5. The sound of sizzling in a pan
6. The sound of pen to paper
7. The coloured gas produced as aluminium reacts with iodine to create aluminium iodide… Don’t ask!
8. Deep conversations I can have with those I trust
9. Swimming… Just floating…
10. People immediately snapping into a patronising tone and acting silly when talking to babies

They are just a few things that at first may come across as meaningless, but when considered are valuable moments that keep the world spinning.

Opening your eyes and seeing are two very different things. You can see with closed eyes, visions and dreams and you can see what is right in front of you, but opening your eyes will reveal a whole lot more. Opened eyes give you the ability to notice what’s really there and what you have missed before.

As always, a question for you!

What are the little things in your life that have stood out?

Finally, get a piece of paper and write down all of the little things that make you smile. Keep it somewhere that you will not forget and add to it whenever something new pops up. If you every feel sad or lose hope a little, take a look and be happy.

4 thoughts on “The little things…

  1. You really are fantastic ! As always I love reading your blog ! I can’t wait to see what other topic you will discuss and look forward to reading more !

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